Monday, September 05, 2022

Nine Posts Unpublished in Four Days!

Between 26Aug. and 30Aug., The Middletown Insider had 9 posts unpublished!  All but one was unpublished for "violating our guidelines" concerning the "Malware and Viruses policy".  The other was twice unpublished for violating the child safety policy and later, (twice) reinstated.

What the hell is going on?  Two of the unpublished posts were from 2013 and the most recent from 2018!  This blog has been around for well over a decade and there has never been such a problem, before.

I posted most of the unpublished items and I can assure you that there was NEVER any malware or viruses included in them.

The messages I received say, "Your post titled . . . . . . was flagged to us for review."  How does a post get flagged?  By readers?  Were all these posts flagged by the same person?

The messages also say, "If you are interested in republishing the post, please update the content to adhere to Blogger's Community Guidelines. Once the content is updated, you may republish it . . . . . .  This will trigger a review of the post."  There is no way these posts can be updated, since they are no longer available, even to me.  They were unpublished.

There were NO specifics in the email notices regarding the nature of the malware or what exactly violated the child protection policy.  How would one know what to look for without that information?

The "review", I have to assume from the result, is not conducted by a human.  Thinking that it might be, I sent a message to Blogger through the update link, asking the same questions I'm now asking here.  My questions were answered as follows:

"We have re-evaluated the post titled "Guest Blog:  Greetings Patriots by Palin Smith Conservative Roundup " against Community Guidelines content policy. Upon review, the post has been reinstated . . . at"

Check it out.  They "reinstated" my questions, not the post.

The post that was actually reinstated is titled, "Child Sex Tourism".  It is an FBI story about a man convicted and sentenced to 330 yrs. in prison for engaging in the same.

It seems to me that someone flagging such an article for review, one that is clearly NOT improper, would be suspicious.

So, again I ask, were these posts flagged by the same person?  I'll bet they were, and I have an idea as to who it was.

It is also suspicious that, never having a problem in the past, that nine posts were flagged in a four-day period.

Blogger has yet to answer my questions, submitted via "feedback".  They never will; they are lazy and don't give a damn.

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