Sunday, June 05, 2022

Rob Sampson for State Senate 2022!


Dear Friends,

Earlier this week, I received the unanimous nomination to continue representing the Connecticut Republican party to be our candidate for State Senator for the 16th district including the towns of Cheshire, Prospect, Southington, Waterbury, and Wolcott.

I am proud to represent the Republican Party and our principles as our candidate and will work hard to be re-elected as our State Senator.

My Commitment to you:

I will remain the most consistent defender of our American system of representative government in our state senate - of, for, and by the people.

I will continue keeping my promise never to vote for policies that will limit the freedom or civil rights of my constituents.

I will continue to advocate for shrinking the size, scope, and cost of state government. I have never voted for a tax or spending increase, and I never will.

I will continue to recognize that I represent every person in my district, including those who supported me and those who did not, and will act accordingly by only supporting policies that are beneficial to the prosperity of all Connecticut citizens, and respect the rights of every individual to their own perspective and life choices.

I will defend our CT State and US Constitutions every day in every action I take since this is the basis for the freedom and prosperity we all enjoy.

I will continue to be responsive to my constituents and never shy away from sharing my position or answering any questions. My cell phone is 860-508-1969. You are welcome to call me.

I will continue to be the most independent voice and voter in the state legislature owing my allegiance to our American system and the people I represent alone and not to lobbyists or special interests. Nor will I cave to pressure caused by party leadership, misinterpretation or misinformation by the press or my political opponents. In short, I promise to do what is right every time, regardless of how hard it is to do so.

I hope to continue to earn the support of the people of the 16th district and promise to continue to do my job as our State Senator as it was intended -as the person selected by my neighbors to carry our concerns and wishes to the state government so our voices are heard.

The below link is the first article covering my race. Not surprisingly, it shows a strong contrast between me and my challenger. Enjoy the read.

Southington Democrat to challenge Sampson for 16th Senate seat (

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