Thursday, May 05, 2022

A message from Matt Corey: Help me support Jacqueline Crespan!


Friends -

I’m writing to ask for your support of my friend Jacqueline Crespan who’s running for the State Senate in the 4th District which includes Manchester, Glastonbury, Bolton and Andover.  I’m wholeheartedly endorsing Jacqueline today as she shares the same vision for Connecticut that I do.

Jacqueline is currently serving as the Republican Leader of the Manchester Board of Directors, which is the Town’s governing body. She has lived in Manchester for over 23 years. She was born in Uganda under the rule of Idi Amin, emigrated legally to the United States and five years later proudly became an American citizen. She knows what it’s like to live under executive rule so I know she will fight everyday for the freedoms and liberties that make this country great.

Today, Jacqueline needs our help! She needs to qualify for the citizen’s election program. She needs 300 residents from either Manchester, Glastonbury, Bolton or Andover to donate at least $5 or the maximum of $290 to my campaign. And she also needs to raise $17,300.

Please donate by credit online today at:

The sooner this part of the campaign is completed, the sooner Jacqueline can move on to meeting voters, knocking on doors and attending public events.

I’m proud to support Jacqueline and I ask that you do the same today!

Yours truly,

Matt Corey


Posted as a public service.

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