Monday, September 20, 2021

"Justice for J6" Rally Exposed Government and Media Bias and Made the Case for the First Amendment and Equal Justice

Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio-based TEA Party-Affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC), celebrated the success of the "Justice for J6" Rally on Saturday, September 18th and congratulated Matt Braynard from Look Ahead America, and Cara Castronuova from Citizens Against Political Persecution, for putting on a safe and effective event, despite irresponsible and baseless media claims that the event would be violent, and for their continuing efforts to get the January 6th Political Prisoners Equal Justice under the Law.

Zawistowski said, "The WTPC was proud to provide material support for the "Justice for J6" Rally which was a tremendous success on multiple levels. First and foremost, while the U.S. and World Media have intentionally killed any coverage of the plight of the January 6th Political Prisoners for the past nine months, with the exception of occasional blatant political hit pieces fed to them by their leftist handlers in and outside of government, the "Justice for J6" Rally and our organization's three front page ads in the Washington Times, goaded even the NY Times and the Washington Post and Rolling Stone into writing about the rally and thus the plight of political prisoners. Thanks to the corrupt media's unhinged need to demonize and attack Americans simply for having an opinion they don't like, and for using their First Amendment Rights to express it, they unwittingly brought the case before the U.N. Human Rights Committee to the attention of tens of millions of Americans! Just search on "Justice for J6" and see the thousands of links - few of which you would have seen two weeks ago. We did an outstanding job of using their prejudices against them. For those in the media who claim the event was "a dud" because it was attended by about 500 people, they were just clueless about of our actual goal, and we are thankful for their ignorance."

Zawistowski continued, "Secondly, the police were reminded Saturday that no one respects them and "Backs the Blue" like Trump supporters and conservative Americans! Police in Washington and all over this nation know that the same people who lied to you and America about Trump supporters on January 6th, and again on Saturday, are the same people who back the "Defund the Police" movement and put you in harms way on January 6th despite ample warning. The "Justice for J6" Rally showed that We the People are not, and should not, be intimidated by threats from the BLM and Antifa and the Leftist media, and that we can and must continue to come to Washington to address our elected representatives when they try to ignore us. It also showed that our police will do their duty and protect the rights of ALL citizens as they are sworn to do! The success of Saturday's event calmed the irrational fears of those on the Right who did not attend and assures that many thousands more will attend the next event."

Zawistowski went on to say, "The "Justice for J6" Rally exposed the lie that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and their anti-American Leftist handlers and their media acolytes told the American people after January 6th. When the police are permitted to do their jobs, without the blatant political interference by Pelosi and the D.C. Mayor and Mark Milley and others, Americans of all political thought can and have gone to OUR Capitol and exercised OUR Free Speech and First Amendment Rights without incident. That's what happened on Saturday, despite the hysterical and baseless warnings by MSNBC and CNN and even conservative media and corrupt out of touch leftist politicians."

Zawistowski explained, "Our history shows that what happened on January 6th happened mainly, if not entirely, because Democrat leadership used the police as props in a planned power grab intended to entrap the President of the United States, cover up their blatant theft of the 2020 election, paint their political opponents falsely as "insurrectionists" and "white supremacists", and consolidate their illegitimate control over our government by the use of illegitimate force. These premeditated and despicable actions by Pelosi, Schumer and the others were directly responsible for the deaths of four unarmed Trump supporters, one Capitol police officer who died of natural causes after the event, and four more police officers who have committed suicide since the event, along with 127 police officers injured. Their blood is on Pelosi's and Schumer's hands as well as many others who are willing to cause people to die in order for them to gain or hold power. The American people look forward to holding them accountable for these illegal acts."

In closing Zawistowski said, "As Matt Braynard said at the Rally, and we agree, anyone who broke the law on January 6th, including police officers and government officials, should be charged appropriately and be punished according to the extent of their crime. However, that is NOT what is not happening. Anyone who claims that the January 6th Political Prisoners are not political prisoners, or are not being mistreated, and are not having their Human Rights and Constitutional Rights violated, has either not yet read the case submitted to the U.N. Human Rights Committee or is just a damned liar and/or a anti-American political operative. Even the Judges are calling out the DOJ Prosecuters for the complete misapplication of the law for which the January 6th defendants are being wrongly charged. All Americans should be ASHAMED of the treatment of our fellow citizens by the Biden Regime and the corrupt DOJ and FBI. It is a national disgrace and we hope that the United Nations will sanction the Biden Regime and the individuals responsible just like they do other despotic regimes around the world who hold political prisoners."

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