Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A Message from Senator Rob Sampson

Have you been alarmed and frustrated by Ned Lamont’s
one-man rule during the pandemic?

I share your outrage—and I’ve done my best to fight for our rights, helping to organize a lawsuit by Connecticut’s leading Constitutionalist, Deb Stevenson, and joining the suit myself as a plaintiff, along with five small-business owners.

We’ve challenged Lamont’s power to arbitrarily shut down businesses without the approval of the General Assembly, making the argument for liberty and the rule of law. It’s a strong case, which can find here.

Not wanting to argue on the merits, the state managed to have our suit dismissed on technical grounds. We need to appeal that decision so we can challenge Lamont’s power grab in court. Here is a summary of the argument we’ll make, so that you can see the strength of our position.

To continue this fight, we must have your help. I know that thousands of patriotic Connecticut citizens share our dismay at the unconstitutional behavior of our governor and the lapdog acquiescence of the Democrat legislature. The courts are our only hope, but we must have the means to pursue our appeal.

Will you help us, by making a donation here? Every dollar we raise will go directly toward the cost of the lawsuit. Whatever you can contribute will be well-spent and deeply appreciated.

It’s not too late to take back our state, but we must fight back now. Thank you for your interest—we would be honored and heartened by your support today.




Rob Sampson

State Senator

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