Sunday, April 26, 2020

"FROM BEHIND BARS" - A Series, Part 80 - Day 3411; Corona Virus

Coronavirus Behind Bars: Cook County Jail Is Top U.S. Hot Spot ...
Image from The New York Times
"Do not believe anything the governor or commish says they are doing to reduce the population."

This is the eightyth installation of a periodic series of letters written to and from someone currently in the custody of the Connecticut Department of Correction.

In this issue, our correspondent talks about the Corona Crisis in the states' prisons and how it is effecting prisoners, the governor's misleading statement about releasing prisoners so as to limit the virus's effect and the lack of personal protection use by the guards.

These letters, submitted anonymously, are redacted to protect the privacy of the writer and the writer's family and friends.

As time went by, the letter became more personal, revealing the emotional and physical distresses endured by those committed to Connecticut's prisons. These distresses are not confined (no pun intended) to just the prisoner, but extend to the prisoner's family and friends. And we pay for it.

After examining the trial transcripts and speaking extensively to others with first hand knowledge of the matter, I'm of the opinion that this person is innocent of the crime for which he was convicted; his council being incompetent and ineffective.  Please keep an open mind and take the letters at face value.


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