Saturday, September 07, 2019

"Open-Carry Shopping Weekend" Planned Nationwide

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Photo courtesy of NC Public Radio
Next weekend, September 13,14 and 15, marks the first annual "Open-Carry Shopping Weekend", in America. 
This event is in response to retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, CVS Walgreen (and likely others), who are now now asking law abiding citizens to no longer openly carry firearms while shopping in their stores.

The policy comes in the wake of a mass shooting at a Walmart in Texas and a mass shooting in Dayton's nightclub district, disappointing and angering many.  No one has yet to explain how an open-carry ban would have prevented the shootings, in question.

Organizers say the event is intended to remind retailers that the foundation of their customer base consists of law abiding gun owners who support the Second Amendment.

Participants are advised to make sure they are in compliance with any governing statues before carrying a firearm, anywhere.   Everyone is reminded that the purpose is to show businesses where their sales come from and that gun owner's business will effect their bottom line.   But most of all it is to show that gun owners are not a threat.   So, shop. Do your normal shopping, but shop.

And remember, you represent ALL other gun owners, so always be polite and courteous.

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