Sunday, April 22, 2018

Rep. Rob Sampson - Tolls are NOT the Answer

Lately, I have been getting many calls from constituents concerned about the possibility of electronic tolls in Connecticut.

I would like you all to know that I am completely AGAINST tolls.

Governor Malloy and elected majority party Democrats in the state legislature have introduced these ideas because they believe Connecticut residents need to pay more to support transportation projects, which are funded by the Special Transportation Fund (STF).

Over the years, the Malloy administration and the Majority Party have raided the STF to fill budget gaps that they created. While Republicans have repeatedly tried to put a lock-box on transportation funds, we have been overruled on each occasion.

Below are my main reasons for opposing any toll legislation.
  1. We lose federal money in the form of FLEX highway funds we get for NOT having tolls. Roughly $240M per year and it starts as soon as we pass a law allowing tolls.
  2. It will take 3 years or more to set up the toll system and the bureaucracy needed to bill and collect tolls.
  3. Much of the revenue from tolls would be used precisely to support that bureaucracy.
  4. We cannot target the borders or charge different rates for out of state drivers. Federal law specifically prohibits this.
  5. Electronic tolls are great technology, but require that drivers are billed in the mail for tolls. In other states, they are finding that out of state drivers ignore the bills because there is no enforcement.
The solution to Connecticut's fiscal problems is reducing the size and scope of our state government, and allowing our citizens to keep more of their own money. Frivolous spending on things like the Hartford bailout, renovating the XL Center and CT Fast Track have taken away from critical things like social services, education, municipal aid and, of course, improving our infrastructure.

I have never voted to raise taxes or cut aid to the towns I represent (since that results in an increase in property taxes). I voted against the most recent state budget and I will continue to fight the powers that be who have been ruining our state for decades.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns relating to state government at or at (800) 842-1423.


Rep. Rob Sampson
80th District

State Rep. Rob Sampson
Ranking Member, Insurance & Real Estate Committee
800-842-1423 (Toll Free)
860-240-8700 (Local)
860-240-0207 (Fax)

Legislative Office Building
300 Capitol Ave.
Room 4200
Hartford, CT 06106

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