Monday, April 30, 2018

John Pistone’s 2018 Candidacy for United States Congress 5th Congressional District Seat as a Republican Candidate

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After carefully deliberating and discussing my candidacy with my family, I have decided to pursue a run for the United States Congress in the 5th Congressional District of Connecticut.  I have been urged to do so by many of my supporters I met while collecting signatures in my prior campaign runs.  The encouragement to run again and the support I have received have been overwhelming. My supporters have urged me to run saying things like:
  • “This is your moment, now is the time.”
  • “Our District needs the leadership of an unapologetic Conservative.”
  • “We do not need more “Rhinos” (Republicans in name only) or Beltway Elitists, or Progressive Republicans.”
  • “What we really need is more Conservative Candidate like you.”
Connecticut needs a strong Conservative who is not part of the political establishment; someone that is not jaded or swayed by party politics or content with the status quo. Our district needs someone who is willing to put the interest of the American people and our country first.  It is time for us to allow civil engagement to win over “the get nothing done political favoritism” that our politics both locally and nationwide seems to be steeped in.  It’s time to put an end to the insider politics that has resulted in chronic losing in the 5th Congressional District. It’s time to have a representative of the people, who won’t just make empty promise. It’s time for people to win out over politics.

Let’s blaze a new path together based on common-sense policies that put the interest of our citizens first, instead of pandering to the wishes of the political insiders.  We can change all that.  We must change all that. We have an opportunity to fill the seat vacated by Democrat Elizabeth Esty with a Conservative Republican who is willing to fight for that Congressional seat all the way to Novembers Election.  I believe I am that person.  My traditional Christian values and conservative principles have never changed and will not change.  I have your back and I will not sell my soul for self-advancement.  Remember, you are never alone when you vote Pistone!

Elect John Pistone for United States Congress.
2018 Christian Conservative Candidate
Connecticut 5th Congressional District                                                                                                                                    

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