Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Candidate Forum This Saturday in Norwich

Photo from WFSB
Senate candidates Matthew Corey, Joe Visconti and Dominic Rapini will be at the Norwich Holiday Inn for a candidate forum from 9:00AM -1:00PM, this Saturday.  If at all possible, please plan to attend and hear "from the horse's mouths", where they stand on the issues.

Chris Murphy must be removed from office and Matt Corey is the candidate to replace him.  Murphy has a $6,973,996 special interest war chest and Matt needs all the support you can give, to help combat the destructive, extremist policies of Senator Murphy, a career politician and lawyer.

Matt Corey is a Navy veteran, (can't say that about Murphy) and a blue collar working man's man.  He knows what it is like to get his hands dirty.  He is a successful business man and life long resident of Connecticut.  His ties to the working class truly make him a man of the People.

To learn more about Matt, make a campaign donation or volunteer, please visit his campaign web page.

For what it is worth, Matthew Corey has the endorsement of The Middletown Insider.

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