Sunday, March 18, 2018

President Trump - Week 60 - Building the Wall, Making Our Schools Safe Again

As a former real estate mogul, Donald Trump is no stranger to construction sites. In his first trip to California as president, President Trump inspected eight different border wall prototypes. While there, the President stressed the need for border security and safety. He also addressed California’s radical sanctuary policies that put American citizens at risk. Meeting with Border Patrol agents, the president said, “We need security at the border, and we’re getting it like we’ve never had it before.”
This week, marks one month since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. There are no words to piece together what happened on that day. Americans want to see action – and that’s exactly what President Trump is delivering. The president is taking strides to make our schools safe again with stronger background checks for gun purchasers; expanding and reforming mental health programs; establishing a Federal Commission on School Safety; and partnering with states to encourage the awareness and reporting of suspicious activity.

President Trump traveled to Pittsburgh for a campaign rally with thousands of his supporters this week. At the packed rally, the president addressed some of his recent successes including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the booming economy, an upcoming meeting with North Korea to end their nuclear program, and the tariffs on steel and aluminum to protect American jobs. Pennsylvania, including steel and coal country, helped elect Donald Trump in 2016 and the President continues to deliver for them.
America is not tired of winning yet! According to a new survey from the University of Michigan, Consumer Confidence jumped to a 14 YEAR HIGH, with unemployment low, housing prices on the rise, and President Trump's tax cuts taking effect, Americans are more optimistic than ever. President Trump is truly Making America Great Again!
Our veterans have never had a better friend in the White House than Donald Trump. Further proof came when President Trump signed two laws this week to help our veterans, including new requirements for the VA to process disability claims and a new mandate for the VA to publish warnings to veterans about possible changes to their eligibility to benefits. President Trump is dedicated to helping our veterans and with new laws like these, they are finally starting to receive the care they deserve.
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Make America Great Again
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