Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Washington Court House: A City in Decline - Part 4, A Photo Essay

These photographs, taken over the past week or so, serve to show the decline of our community through illustration, rather than mere words.  Words do convey a message, but images often create a more lasting impression.

Included within, are a number of photos showing some positive changes around town; the type of changes we need more of.  Regrettably, the negative exceeds the positive.  Had the deterioration of our community occurred in one fell swoop, people would be up in arms.  But, deterioration happens slowly, incrementally, over a long period of time.  As such, it goes unnoticed and is accepted as being "just the way it is".

It is time for our fellow citizens to take off the blinders, stand up, demand change and work toward it.  All is not lost, unless we concede defeat.  I've not yet begun to fight.  How about you; are you willing to fight for change?

Previous articles may be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Click on the photos to enlarge.

A Downtown Abandoned

Losing our History


    Some Positive Changes



Commercial Decline and Decay





    Homes Abandoned, Uninhabitable

Eye Sores


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