Friday, February 09, 2018

Mark Boughton - Insulted

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On Monday, Governor Malloy launched one last insult on Connecticut's taxpayers by releasing the details of his latest and final budget as Connecticut’s Governor.  Riddled with increases in fees, a new $0.25 per bottle deposit on spirits and wine, taxes, tolls, and a hike in the gas tax, this budget is business as usual for Dan Malloy. From the elimination of the middle-class income tax credit to taxing medicine, this budget is bad news for the working families of our state.  

Dan Malloy has failed the people of Connecticut once again.  He has proposed tolls with no plan or details as to where they will go or how much people will have to pay.  What’s more is that his tolls will actually result in a reduction in federal transportation funds for our state. This budget will make Connecticut even less competitive and will only lead to more people moving out of state.

Why does Connecticut spend $480,000 per mile for road construction while the national average is closer to $180,000? Why do our administrative costs run nearly 8 times higher than the national average for transportation costs while we have the 3rd worst transportation system in the country?

We need a Governor who will look t0 initiate real change and give our residents hope. By right-sizing our government, instituting pro-growth policies and controlling our of out-of-control costs, we can make the Connecticut Comeback a reality. The working families of Connecticut are not Dan Malloy’s piggy bank and it's time we stop treating them that way. I am honored to have your support as we keep fighting for Connecticut's Comeback. 

Mark Boughton is a candidate for governor.  Reprinted as a public service.

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