Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Peter Lumaj - Have you heard the news?

Peter Lumaj: A Fresh Start For Connecticut
Have you heard the news? I'm running for Governor of Connecticut in 2018!

Yesterday, I announced that I am seeking the Republican Party nomination for Governor because Connecticut needs a fresh start and a real conservative voice to fight back against the career politicians and insiders in Hartford.

I invite you to get involved and learn more about me and my campaign by visiting my website: or by following me on social media.

With your help, we can send a message loud and clear to the Hartford insiders that strong, courageous, conservative leaders all throughout Connecticut are united and that we are ready for a fresh start for Connecticut!

I greatly appreciate your support and the kind words many of you have offered over the past year. We're in and we're in to win! I look forward to seeing you and reconnecting as we crisscross Connecticut over the coming months on the campaign trail!

Peter Lumaj
Conservative Republican For Governor 
 Lumaj For CT
PO Box 6319
 Wolcott, Connecticut 06716
Paid for by Lumaj For CT, Joe Kilduff, Treasurer. Approved by Peter Lumaj.

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