Thursday, November 09, 2017

CCDL Pocket Knives

In case you've missed it:
We updated our website and our online merchandise sales earlier this year. We're adding new items, and shipping them much faster now (usually 1-2 weeks).

Remember, CCDL is 100% free to join and run by volunteers. Our only income is though donations and merchandise sales. Your support helps CCDL fight for YOUR rights.
If you haven't visited lately, check us out!
One new item is a special run of CCDL logo pocket knives.
CCDL Logo Knives
We offered these earlier this year, and quickly met our minimum order. We are looking to place a second order around the middle of November, so that you'll have your knife in time for the holidays. If you are interested in pre-ordering one of these quality USA made knives by Bear and Son with the CCDL Logo on them for yourself or as a gift, please get them while you can. These are a special deal and will not be available on a regular basis. Ask anyone who was lucky enough to purchase one during our first run, they all LOVE them!!! Get yours today at

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