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Throwing a Fun, Safe Halloween Shindig

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By Charlotte Meier at

People of all ages love Halloween. After all, whether you’re 10 or 40, what’s not to like about  dressing up as your favorite superhero! Unfortunately, many safety risks that come with Halloween are often overlooked.

For example, did you know that fire risk increases for homeowners on Halloween? Or that if you host a party you could be liable for any accidents that happen on your property after guests have imbibed a few too many Happy Halloween adult beverages? And then, of course, there’s the increased risk for pedestrian accidents as children flood the streets to trick-or-treat. 

Most people think of Halloween as a time for kids to play dress up and induce a sugar coma, but Halloween can be just as fun for adults. A good substitute for trick-or-treating is throwing a big bash at your home. Unleash your creativity by hosting fun games like a mummy wrapping contest, holding a costume contest, or pin the wart on the witch. Here are some tips to throw the ultimate Halloween party while keeping it safe and comfortable: 


Set up a table with your favorite festive dishes. When deciding on a menu, ask your guests beforehand if they have any food allergies. Some common food allergies include peanuts, dairy products, and shellfish. Once you figure out your food situation, it’s time to decorate the spread! Bring out all the stops like fake spider webs, mini pumpkins, and plastic vampire teeth. It also really helps if you have a party theme, like Murder Mystery or Harry Potter that ties everything together. 


Halloween is a great time to have a party because people get unusually out of character. Using common sense when alcohol is involved can prevent an accident that could ruin the night. Far too often, people don’t make prior arrangements for a safe way home before drinking alcohol. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost half (48%) of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities on Halloween night involve a drunk driver. When the holiday falls on a weekend, it’s usually even higher.

So keep an eye on the drinking and don’t let it get out of hand. Designate a sober driver, offer up your couch to guests who need to sleep it off, and provide plenty of food to keep guests from drinking on an empty stomach (plus it gives you an excuse to try out some new recipes). If you decide to use dry ice in your punch bowl, use two bowls−a large bowl for the dry ice and hot water, and a smaller bowl for the actual punch. Dry ice should not be ingested and can cause problems with your internal organs. 

Home Décor 

Decorating for the big night can be easy, cheap, and fun. Hang ghosts from the ceiling, give your family portraits on the walls some creepy red eyes, or cut and carve a pumpkin to serve as a cooler for all your beverages. If the party is indoors, remove and breakable pieces of furniture or trinkets to a room where you know they won’t get broken. 

Bring the Fun 

Send out some invitations, find a spooky but fun Halloween playlist for your guests to groove to, and pick out a costume that’s going to rock the party. Keep everything running smoothly by preparing ahead of time. Ask other guests to bring a snack or drinks, carve your decorative pumpkins the night before, and have the games handy for easy transitions throughout the night. Relax, and enjoy the company of your goofy guests!

If you do have kids there are obviously plenty of Halloween-specific safety precautions to take with them as well.

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