Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The North Korean Problem

Image from former Navy Seal  Dr. Rich Swier
by Ronald Wayne Bean
The Korean War never ended. A truce was signed. There was no peace treaty. That war was the first war fought entirely on the Illuminati plan of continuous war fare. As in the Vietnam war, the Gulf war and the prolonged engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq, the idea is to win nothing . The idea is to generate large continuous revenue streams, reduce the population and create more drug dependent people.

The nut case in Charge of North Korea will at some point before he dies set off a nuclear war. He may attack his neighbors or he may attack us but it is going to happen. A man who has imprisoned a half million people as slave labor and has murdered the majority of his own family is man concerned only with his power. He is a megalomaniac and a social path. He must be destroyed.

The US has many non nuclear weapons systems that can lay a country bare. They are horrific in nature. Pulse Cannons, HARRP Weapons, Electro Magnetic Weapons, Microwave Weapons and many more. We don’t deploy these weapons in conflicts because once done the cat would be out of the bag. The public would rightfully demand to know why we haven’t made use of them before even though in different stages they have been around for more than 40 years.

The answer is simple. If we destroyed a town, a country or even a region in just a few minutes, the military industrial complex would come to an end.
Why did we send soldiers all over the world for house to house fighting when we could have just ended the conflict quickly? Why were so many of our people killed or maimed in conflicts we didn’t have to fight? These are tough questions for Politician’s who constituency lost lives and limbs.

How war really works.

Its created. Sides are pitted against one another over generations. The Illuminati bankers do the pitting. They control the currency in most of the world. They loan money to both sides in a conflict with a promissory note which requires the victor to pay off the losers war debts. Sound crazy to you? It’s the truth. We signed these documents at the outbreak of WW2. Germany lost. The US spent the next 30 years paying off Germany`s war debt. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

These same bankers own controlling interest in every major war making company in the
world. Through hundreds of names and companies they make the decisions even if their names appear no where as stock holders. It`s in their interest for war to continue. Secondly, the same apply` s for the medical profession. Once again they have controlling interest in big pharma, in large medical companies and in drug treatment centers.

War is the gift that never stops giving. It’s the biggest money maker there is. The bankers make huge profits off of every stage of the war and for decades after the war treating the injured.

The Korean Truce was signed in 1953. So why are we still there? Why isn’t the leader of N Korea assuming room temp. The answer is enormous profits to a degree. But control is where it`s really at for the goons. Had we simply finished them N Korea in the 50s we would have gone home. Instead we maintained thousands of troops there to prevent an attack.

At one time we had more than 100 thousand troops stationed in the South. A constant stream of money heading Koreas way with the bankers making big bucks at every stage and they through their US presidents have set us up once again. We still have thousands there. 15 thousand is the number I have heard. This is in no way enough people to fight off any kind of attack from the North. The north could over run the south in days unless we unleashed one of our special weapons. That isn’t going to happen. Better to let 15,000 die then to let the genie out. Besides if Americans die in mass, an unbelievable military response would be called for. Trillions to be made over the next generation.

For the bankers its not all just about the money. After the 13 private banks of the federal reserve gets free money all of the time. When a dollar is printed these bankers get 6% right off the top with no income tax charged to them. They are exempt. The remaing 94% of the money is then loaned to the US treaurey at 2% . They own the debt This is why we structurally can never get out of debt. Like I said, they get all of the free money they want. All that is required is an order from them Fed to the Treasury to print more money.
This money is based on nothing. Its just paper and yet nations down to individuals go bankrupt trying to pay back something they were never going to actually be able topay off. Endless debt is endless slavery. Slavery and the eventual control of everything is what these bankers want. They were the force behind WW1, WW2, the Korean and Vietnam war plus hundreds of other wars around the globe.

We will fight that nut case in Korea. We will once again put boots to the ground and many of our people will die for nothing.

Korea, Venezuela and other places are at the for front right for another reason. To distract the world from the genocide that is about to be all of Europe. Read Albert Pike. This was laid out and planned 140 years ago. Read the Keagn document. Same plan different author written in 1925.

What is about to happen all over the world will be the worst war ever known. It will be the attempted inileation of the white and black races. It is about the complete destruction of Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. At least that is the plan. 

Its time to unleash the Gods of war. It`s time to rain down hell on our enemy`s with the advanced weapons systems we have. It`s time to set the example. Wars stop here and now or your nation will die. There isn’t much time left. These advanced weapon system need to be on line and fully charged at all time. One localized display in an area we deem to to be the biggest threat will send everyone to the tables. It has to be done now.

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