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The Devil's Greatest Trick Is Convincing People He Doesn't Exist

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Author Donna Ziccardi
     My article that appeared in the March 1 edition of the Hometown Connection created quite a stir.  And that was good.  It brought the subject of pedophilia into your home to stare the devil in the face, and acknowledge that he exists.  The TRUTH be known, the act of pedophilia is a sacrifice to Satan, whether you know it or not.  It opens “doorways” to Demonic Possession.

     As a small child I was fortunate to be raised by my grandparents.  On a daily basis, my grandmother would school me on the battle between good and evil.  The war in the Heavens between God and Satan.  I asked her what they were fighting over and she answered, “your Soul!”  She commanded me to never “sell my soul to Satan”.  When I asked why anyone would do that she answered, “for Power, Fame and Fortune”.  Along with collecting “souls”, Satan vowed to destroy everything God created, because that is who he is.  The Great Destroyer, the Prince of Lies, Master of Deception.  His tactics are to invert reality as we know it and create chaos and confusion, sorrow and sadness; hate, fear, death and destruction. 

     Satanism has been around for centuries, conducted in secrecy, with a commitment to silence.  It succeeded to infect more and more of God’s Children because of ignorance of the consequences of perversions and fear of being ridiculed if one speaks out.  People who did speak out where “silenced” by the massive coverup from the Elites, politicians and the media, and some truth tellers were even murdered.  One such person was Ted Gundersun, former director of the FBI.  He tirelessly tried to expose the Satanic Pedophile rings in this country and worked on well-known cases as the Johnny Gosh kidnapping.  Ted exposed the Franklin Credit Union Scandal that involved high profile politicians such as George Bush Senior and Barney Frank, along with the help of Senator John DeCamp, but to no avail.  Ted even had a Connecticut connection when he tried to help Linda Weigand get custody of her two sons but the state of Connecticut thought it best to give them to the very man who was abusing them in satanic ritual fashion.

     Why would the media, politicians and world Elites try to cover up the sins upon our children?  Because they are all involved.  Guilty of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse themselves.  Like I wrote in previous articles, the satanic act of pedophilia is saturated into every fabric of society from our elected officials to the FBI and the CIA to lawyers and judges to priests and clergy to school teachers to maybe your next door neighbor.  It is just one big coverup, til now……..

     Enter Harvey Weinstein.  The Almighty, all powerful Hollywood movie mogul and producer who is loved and worshiped by actors, politicians and everyone in the newspaper and media industry.  Meryl Streep referred to Harvey as her “God” when accepting her Life Time Achievement Award.  Streep even praised Roman Polanski, even though Polanski fled the country decades ago after brutally raping a 13 year old girl.  Why would a famous actress, and Connecticut resident I might add, praise a convicted pedophile?  Because behind the glitz and glamour of the movie industry is hard core Satanism and pedophilia.  Remember, the two go hand and hand.

     Yup!  Harvey Weinstein is a sexual deviant and pedophile.  For decades!  Everyone knew.  It was a given.  Even politicians knew.  But Shhhh!  Hush, hush!  We do not talk about that and anyway, if someone (like myself) tried to tell the truth, who would believe them?  So the Hollywood casting couch was alive and well and thriving ever since its beginning because people were willing to “sell their souls to the Devil for fame, power and money”.  They accepted the Masonic Phrase…”you have to Give to Get’.  Actors and actresses would “put out” for fame and fortune and hopefully for an Academy Award.  Many did not like it, but that was the industry.

     Some brave actors DID speak out about their abuse only to get shamed and berated.  A few years ago, Cory Feldman went on the View and told how he was raped by Hollywood big names starting when he was 14 years old.  But the righteous Ladies of the View, scolded him for saying such things because “there were a lot of mothers watching who may want to get their children into acting”.  Barbara also “scolded” Corey telling him he is damaging the whole Hollywood Industry.  Yes, this is proof that Liberalism is a Thinking Disease.

     In 1993 Feldmen was questioned in the Michael Jackson sexual abuse case.  Feldmen told police that Jackson did NOT abuse him in any way but gave police the names of high profile movie moguls who did and the police looked the other way.  Swept the evidence under the rug.  Again, protecting the perpetrators.  Feldmen recalls the police were not interested in who DID abuse him but was just focused on getting evidence on Jackson.

     In 2016, actor Elijah Wood said during an interview, "Hollywood is in the grip of a child sexual abuse epidemic, with rich and powerful industry figures abusing child actors with impunity.”  Woods explained how this ritual pedophilia and sexual abuse was just an "open secret" in Hollywood.  Everyone knew, but nothing was done. 

     There is a “happy marriage” between movie stars and politicians.  Weinstein contributed millions to the DNC and made additional campaign contributions to political candidates.  Among Weinstein’s favorite politicians is Senator Blumenthal.  Was Harvey’s contributions “hush money”?  One can only guess.

     Weinstein was also a FABULOUS friend of the Clintons.  Not only did Weinstein contribute an obscene amount of money to the Clinton Foundation and to Hillary’s campaign, but Harvey donated $10,000 to Bill’s Defense Fund when Bill got caught in the Oval Office with Monica.

     And we cannot leave out the Obamas.  Michelle Obama, when addressing the Student Film Symposium, referred to Harvey as a “Good Guy, good Friend and WONDERFUL human being”.  Harvey donated thousands to the former president’s campaigns and visited the White House more than a dozen times, according to visitor records. The Obamas’ daughter, Malia, interned for Weinstein at the Weinstein Company this year.

     It was well known in Hollywood and on Capitol Hill that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator.  Written right into studio contracts were clauses that stated he would, personally, have to pay from his own pocket damages from lawsuits caused by his possible rapes and sexual assaults.  It’s all good.  That’s Show Business and people just looked the other way, until…..The New York Times!

     On August 5 of this year, the New York Times (NYT) wrote an article explaining that raping children should not be a crime, contributing to the national movement for normalizing and decriminalizing pedophilia.  The Times has a healthy alliance with the progressive liberal movement, at the same time attacking the Trump administration at every move.  In 2004, NYT reporter Lisa Waxman had all the evidence from 3 countries that Weinstein was a sexual predator and rapist but the NYT, at the behest of Harvey himself, killed the story.  But on October 5, NYT reporters Jodi Kantor and Megyn Twohey broke the Weinstein Story that has been BEGGING to be told for 30 years.  So why now?  Why the New York Times?

     One can only guess, at this point, why Harvey Weinstein is “The Fall Guy”.  But he is.  There is so much evidence, on so many other high-profile people, guilty of the same satanic sexual perversion as Weinstein, but Harvey is the Guy in the Sights.  There is one thing that is certain, high profile politicians and elites of every walk of life are coming forward to condemn and disavow Harvey.

     Senator Blumenthal was the very FIRST that I know of to distance himself from such carnage. He gave back the money Harvey “donated to his campaign”.  This guy must read the news 24/7 because the ink wasn’t even dry on this story when Blumenthal sanitized his whole association with Harvey Weinstein.    

     Then there is Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks, who says Weinstein is part of an elite network in Hollywood that abuses children.  He calls Weinstein a "monster" but also says he was part of a "pack of wolves" that prey on all kinds of Hollywood actors and actresses."  Jeff?!  Where were you for the past 30 years when you knew this was going on?  After scolding Harvey for his animal like behavior toward Hollywood actors, Molly Ringwald came forward to testify of Katzenberg’s inappropriate behavior toward her. 

     Michelle Obama recently came forward and condemned Harvey stating he needs to be held accountable no matter his wealth or status.  Hillary Clinton gave a statement that she is shocked and appalled at what Harvey has done but doesn’t know just how much money he has donated to her over the years so she will return around $30,000 and keep the rest.  And Actress Meryl Streep, who worshipped Harvey Weinstein as her “God”, came out with a statement that in all the years of her career as an actress, she had NO idea “this” was going on.  Meryl, Meryl…..please….

     Satan targets children because they are the creation God cherishes the most.  

Read the rest of Donna's article, Here.

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