Saturday, October 14, 2017

Maybe? I'm not sure!

Maybe? I’m Not Sure!

By, Staff Writer, Brian E. Clark

Put On Your Election Day Face!
I had said on our Facebook page that I was going to have an article for you all this morning, and because I didn’t want to disappoint, here it is! The fact is that the story is still developing, and it would be improper for me to push information out there if it turns out not to be true. I thought about the opportunity I had in holding off, to say a few things that have been on my mind.

I had this conversation, again, with our own Bill Boylan, that I must have once a month just because I always feel it’s importance. I love to write, but I can only write, about what has importance and meaning to myself. If I don’t connect with whatever the story is, there’s no sense in even trying to “fake it”. People who don’t know me well, see the highlights of how I cover a story that I’m involved with and see the unconventional ways I go about going after different sources, but that’s all they see. If I see a part of something, anything, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have the entire picture either. Our readers are quite confident, however, that for however unconventional, I hit my mark, even if it’s only a couple times a month. Because there’s a piece of myself in every story.

Recently, I have reconsidered my ways, because I’ll be completely honest, I can become one giant thorn in someone’s butt, in the process of tracking down a story, and regardless of what some believe, I don’t enjoy it. I believe, however, that my cause is noble, and in every noble gesture, especially in finding the truth in a circumstance, there will be collateral damages. It’s part of the game, and all the players know it expressly from the start. I actually began rethinking not so much my methods, because say what you will, they’re effective. No, I have thought about what, I’d cover, not how I’d cover it.

Reason? Because we have become this society where everything has become news when it’s not! “He said…., This guy did…., She was with…” It’s non-stop! I’m from a bygone era where the news came on at 6 pm, and by 6:30, life was back on. So, the story today? The story is, " Yes, folks, I said I'd publish today, but events are still unfolding, and I'm not rushing to judgment, or deadlines, for headlines."

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