Tuesday, October 31, 2017

"It's downright terrifying" (You got that right . . .)

EDITOR'S NOTE: I thought you might be up to a little Halloween humor!  My comments in yellow.
For Halloween, I want to share some scary things happening in Connecticut.
Chip in if you are spooked as I am with the GOP agenda
Trickle Down Economics
Despite decades of failure and economic stagnation, Republicans in Hartford and Washington still want to keep us under the thumb of the rich. No matter how much evidence they see that trickle down economics is a failure, they keep at it.  Never mind that Democrats have had a veto proof super-majority for decades and the governor's office for 7 years.
Higher costs, less coverage
The GOP would prefer that Connecticut families fell into bankruptcy rather than actually address the real issue of untenable healthcare costs. We must stand and fight for a single payer system in Connecticut.  Like that has really worked out well for Canada, the UK and Venezuela.
Taxing Teachers
The GOP wanted to tax teachers and use that money to balance the budget.  No, they wanted to do a little cost shifting; it's time teachers paid their fair share.
Destroying the Middle Class
The GOP is happy to destroy the middle class on behalf of billionaires.  Never mind the fact that the Republican Party is made up primarily by the middle class.  We must protect the middle class with a progressive income tax that requires the wealthy to pay their fair share.  Never mind that that the top 10% of wage earners pay 90% of income taxes and the bottom 48% pay nothing while many of them get an "earned" income tax credit.
Destruction of Collective Bargaining
The GOP wants to destroy unions.  They don’t want workers to have a voice.
(This is a total lie.)  We need to protect collective bargaining because strong unions will lead to economic prosperity for Connecticut.  If strong unions were going to lead to economic prosperity, it would have happened a long time ago.  Don’t ever forget that the existence of unions in Connecticut is at stake in 2018.  

The really scary thing about this is that Drew et al think people are stupid enough to buy into it.  Worse, many people do buy into it; enough that the Dems have been in full control of the cities and the state for decades.

$25, $50, or $100 will help ensure that these scary stories don’t come true.
Let’s stop the GOP from bringing our nightmares to life. Chip in to help us hit our Monthly goal.
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Happy Halloween,
Dan Drew for Governor

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