Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Safety Tricks!

We always worry about our kids every Halloween. We make sure the eyeholes in the masks are big enough to see, and that the kids have flashlights to see better (Which, parents, we'll get to in a second). But Halloween has always been the most organized fun this country could ever put together! So, let's continue the tradition, and dress up like whoever you want to be, and go shakedown your neighbors for candy! (And don't forget to pass along to fellow trick or treaters, on which house has the full-size candy bars! Lol!)

And now for the Parents. We want to keep our kids safe on Halloween, so what do we carry to ensure that happens? A gun? A knife? Nun-Chucks? Nope. None of the above. Ask any Navy Seal what the everyday item for self-defense that they carry? A Flashlight. Not just any flashlight; A bright one, preferably 2500 Lumens or more, and if it has a strobing pattern, that can disorient an attacker. Lastly, make sure the head of your flashlight has the curved points at the head. In a hand to hand fight situation, a few jabs from that head will do some real damage. Even if the attacker flees, if you got a couple good swipes in, now you have DNA. With that, I pray with all my heart you never have to use it. Have a safe Halloween!

-Brian E. Clark, Staff Writer 

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