Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rumblings from Middletown

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Contributed by Brian Clark
Contributed by J.R Poteet and Bill Boylan


1. Drew used city email to email all city, BOE, fire and police employees. A clear violation of SEEC law, will he be punished for each count or get a slap on the wrist? Also, police and fireman's home addresses are supposed to be unlisted outside their departments.  (Rumor has it he did something similar in 2015.)

Photo from The Middletown Press
2. Drew's proclaimed savior of the BOE after Superintendent Michael Frechettes termination was Dr. Pat Charles - who is retiring not at the end of the school year or semester but ONE day after the November election . . . hmm, where is the love lost between these two?

Photo from
(couldn’t resist!)
3. And assistant superintendent Enza Macri is discouraged from applying, why?  Could it be she is dating a former teacher union leader who recently got promoted to as an academic department head, or another reason?

4. Nothing to see here folks, so why is the BOE so against a forensic audit of finances? 

5. Christine Stewart and the Middletown Press recently reported that Dan Drew tapped Liz Linehan.  I guess he just can't keep it in his pants.

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