Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Urgent! Oath Keepers Call To Action to Deploy to Texas to Help With Flood Relief and Rescue

by Stewart Rhodes

Oath Keepers, and all other dedicated patriots,

You are needed in Texas to help our brother and sister Americans who are now dealing with a Katrina level event flood. They are deep under water in Houston and a growing number of nearby towns and cities, and they need our help.

We need your donations. We will be purchasing supplies of various kinds. 100% of your donation goes to help the relief effort.

If you can get down here, start rolling. You already have brother and sister Oath Keepers on the ground in Houston, and more on the way, as well as awesome patriots from the Cajun Navy and Cajun Army who are here as well. They need your help. Many hands make light work.

Our preliminary rally point is Livingston, TX, which is about 10 miles North of the first affected areas closer to Houston. At this time, Livingston is still dry.

Our rally point/preliminary staging point is:

Pak's Karate  (owned by Oath Keeper member Don Holse)
616 Pan American Dr.
Livingston, TX 77351

Point of Contact:   Alex Oaks.  228-731-1807
There will be someone there 24/7 to check you in and direct you to where you need to go. Alex Oaks, the Oath Keepers Southern region assistant coordinator, is on scene, acting as our operation/logistics officer for this operation. Please call him when you are on your way, and he can give you the latest info on road closures.

DO NOT try to come in from due West or Due East, or South of Houston. For example, I 190 coming in from the East is flooded. Come in from the North, even if that means looping wide North.  Come in from the North of Buffalo, TX or North of Lufkin, TX.
From Lufkin, TX  take route 59  South to Livingston, TX.

From Buffalo, TX take I 45 South to Huntsville, and then take I 190 East, to Livingston. At this time, those routes are clear, but again, call Alex Oaks as you get into Texas and he will give you the latest updates on road closures.

Whatever your level of training or skillset, if you are willing to help we will find something for you to do.

However, we are in special need of:
  1. People with boats! Even if you are not "search and rescue" trained, if you have a shallow water boat, come on down and we will pair you up with trained personnel.  "Authorities" have put the word out that they don't want to see boats that draw more than a foot of water (sit lower than a foot deep in the water). And they don't want to see boats shorter than six feet long. But they are letting people use Jet Skis. Most of the Cajun Navy are using flat boats and pontoons.
  2. Those with search and rescue training and experience, and/or folks who have already dealt with floods (been there, done that!) and can now help others. If you don't have a boat, but have the experience, come on down and we will pair you up with people with boats.
  3. Medical personnel. From first aid to EMT, military or civilian medics, paramedics, nurses, doctors, etc.  if you have any medical training you are sorely needed.
  4. Security personnel or those with security related training (i.e. military or police, or other related training and experience).  Unfortunately we have seen attempts to "boat jack" Cajun Navy volunteers committed by looters, who tried to take their boats by force, and also looters firing on Cajun Navy volunteers (the looters want to scare us away so they can loot homes unmolested).Come armed, but see below for details on do's and don'ts.We are looking ONLY for calm, collected, cool headed professionals, as we used in Ferguson and on our other security operations.  Must be well trained and competent.   Expect extra vetting.
  5. Communications: Any HAM operators, or otherwise trained in communications. We need the skills and the radios. Bring both and plenty of batteries.
  6. Engineering and mechanics. If you can fix things and keep things running, we need you.
Please bring your personal provisions for:
  • Sleeping (sleeping bag, pad, pillow, blankets, etc).
  • Clothing, especially shoes and socks, keep your feet dry
  • Toiletries, in zip lock bags
  • Portable food
  • Cash
  • Personal protection in compliance with all laws
  • Waterproofing for your phones
  • First aid kit
We are directly assisting refugee shelters in and near Crosby, TX, but we DO NOT advise you to go there first, as Crosby may need to be evacuated.

The Texans showed up and helped when Louisiana was under water last year, just as they helped tremendously back during Katrina, opening their communities to thousands of refugees, and now it is time to help them in their hour of need.

We already have Oath Keepers on the ground helping out, right along with the heroes of the "Cajun Navy" who have come in from Louisiana to lend a hand at Texas Governor Abbot's urgent request. And we have more men on the way from Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and from within Texas itself.

By the grace of God we had a recent new member in Oath Keepers step up in a big way and donate 12,000 freeze dried meals, which we will be delivering in person, by private truck, tomorrow to a relief shelter in the Houston area.   Texas Oath Keepers member Chance Gibson, owner of American Survival Wholesale, has donated 12,000 freeze dried meals, paid for with the generous donations from the supporters and clients of another awesome patriot, Ross Powell, owner of Survival 401k (210-639-7227) 
Chance provided the food at his cost, and Ross reached out to his contacts and within 24 hours they donated to Chance's page and had the food paid for.   They did it so fast we didn't even have time to post up the donate link on our site, when it was all handled and Chance took the donate page down.   Chance is now delivering the food to us in Texas, and we will take it down to the refugee shelter on the edge of Houston.   Chance let us know he has another 6,ooo meals on standby in case we need them.  Chance is a Navy rescue diver veteran, and Ross is a former Naval officer.  Way to represent!  Go Navy!

We have a very experienced search and rescue team from Mississippi on the way to Texas, led by our Mississippi leader, Alex Oaks.  They are having a hard time getting there because of all the road closures (our advice is to swing very wide North, to go around all the flooding, and come in from the North).

Brian Krogmann and I are on our way to Texas now to help coordinate our volunteers.  Brian is an Army Ranger and combat medic veteran, and also a retired Washington DC metro PD officer, who has been with me on security operations all over the nation, such as Berkeley, Boston, Dallas, Portland, etc.

But we need YOU to pitch in and lend a hand if you are able.   Many hands make light work.   Whatever your skillset, you are welcome and we will put you to work.

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