Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Justice System, and It's Players

The Justice System, and it’s Players
By Sr. Staff Writer, Brian E. Clark

I am not here to pass judgment upon anyone, and I do mean anyone. From the guy picked up for a robbery, to the lady that got a ticket from taking a left turn into a space on Main Street. (Yup, it’s illegal, and the fine is quite hefty…) Early on, the Judicial Branch of the Government, and the trickle-down effect it had through to every little ol’ town courthouse. The Justice System at its earliest form was well thought out, well planned out, and every good intention the Founding Fathers had for it, I well admired for years now.

Fast forward to what we have today, and you’re looking at a big chess board, where the Judge is the King, and you are your own King, and by the end of that match, which was your case, more often than not, guilty or innocent, if you didn’t play the game right, the only thing in your future is a gated community, and one that no one ever wants to be at. I know this, because as a foe reminded me of this past week; I have a past. We all do, but what this person didn’t know is the rest of the story. I’ve been in jail before, and I consider my time there, the most constructive times in my life. Because I didn’t sit in jail and work out and get all muscle bound waiting to commit the next crime. No, I educated myself, and it was my goal from day one, to make my amends for what I had done, and when I had done that, I was going to help the men I once served with.

Fast forward to today. I’ve helped a lot of men and women, but nothing could have prepared me for the case that was coming my way… As a Prologue, I’ve known Charlie Demoranville for damn near all my life. He’s a true friend to me, someone who’s always been there. I would do anything for Charlie, and in return, I’m making it my mission in life, to make sure Charlie Demoranville is Innocent and did not Hit Barbara Eddinger with his Jeep, and Run away. He’s as innocent, as I am fat, and I think we all get the point. In my years in Prison, and out, I studied law, and it turns out, it’s one of those things I’m really good at. I’ve worked cases where the person knows they’re guilty, and they’ll be going to prison if they already aren’t there. Even if the person doesn’t tell you they did this or that, working with a client so close, or investigating the file, you get a sense of guilt or innocence for that person. And even the person knows it and is already preparing to go away for a while. Not with Charlie Demoranville. That man is innocent.

Since his arrest on 4/18/2017, 13 Months after Charlie voluntarily gave the Police his vehicle, and his cell phone, the Middletown Police, specifically Officer Michael Inglis, Badge # 4194 slapped together an Arrest Warrant with absolutely no direct evidence pointing to Charlie as the Driver of the Hit & Run. Somebody called some favors in for this one because it’s very convenient that 13 months after the fact, and it didn’t look good for the Middletown Police, or the Mayor to have a cold case sitting there. So, they slapped together said arrest warrant, and made Charles Demoranville the fall guy because they had no one else. As in other cases, and stories I have written,  I can’t us or show evidence in an active case, but I will tell you, unless the Judge dismisses this case, be prepared for a very long expensive trial, where he will walk away a free, innocent man, and the State, thanks to the Middletown PD, will be left holding their hands on their asses. (Collective ass grabbing)

I will end with this: Charlie Demoranville is my friend. I love him like he was a brother to me, and in the broken ass game of Judicial Chess, he’s being made into a pawn that’s taking the fall because it’s opportunistic. The evidence doesn’t support his guilt in this. If you don’t believe me, go to the court and see for yourselves. Don’t hurl angry comments at me until you have the facts. I’d also, on a final note, like to welcome Dennis McMahon to our defense team. Attorney McMahon is one of the best trial lawyers around, and we’re happy to have him with us. The case has been continued until the 30th of August.

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