Tuesday, August 01, 2017

GOVERNOR Dan Drew? Hide Your Wallet!

Just a few weeks into his campaign for governor of Connecticut, Democrat Dan Drew has already made it clear he thinks people in our state don't pay enough in taxes.

This new video shows Drew at a recent campaign event coming out in favor of even more tax hikes on Connecticut citizens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7pZvyMDYzc&feature=youtu.be

DAN DREW: “…I think ensuring that we have more revenue ...can make the cost of what we do less expensive and it will make our revenue higher.”  (Well that makes perfect sense; having more money will make things cost less and give us more money at the same time! - Editor)

Dan Drew has spent years in Middletown as mayor imposing Dan Malloy inspired tax & spending increases.  Now he wants to DOUBLE DOWN on the same failed Democrat policies that have crippled Connecticut’s economy.

These include another income tax increase, and billions in new spending. Now with Connecticut in desperate need for renewed and energetic leadership, Drew offers only more of the same.

Taxpayers of Connecticut cannot afford more taxing, spending and borrowing in Hartford!  That's why we simply cannot afford Dan Drew as governor.

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