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The Devil Is In The Details...More Slang From The Past

Image from YouTube

By Donna Zachardi

    I came across a picture on the internet that was very concerning and disturbing to me.  It was a picture of a little boy, about 4 or 5 years old, Duct Taped to a board, crucifixion style.  Many scenarios flooded my mind.  Was this a case of bondage, torture, satanic ritual child abuse, kidnapping, punishment?  After further research, I discovered that it is part of a “game” called the Duct Tape Challenge that is popular throughout this country and the world, where the participant is tightly bound with duct tape, “Bondage Style”, then challenged to break free in a designated allotment of time. 

    Upon further investigation, I found this form of “grooming” to be highly promoted in schools, colleges, daycare centers and group homes.  Children are very impressionable and I must say creative because they go home and allow themselves to be taped to trees, chairs, ceilings, boiler room pipes, anything they can think of while recording it and posting to social media for the world to see.  When you send your “little darlins” off to school, do you expect them to get an education and discover their creativity in a safe environment where they will be looked after and treated like the “Precious Gifts from God” that they are, or are you happy with the fact that they are being indoctrinated into accepting behavior that was considered unacceptable by past generations?  The teenage brain is not yet fully developed: the prefrontal cortex is an area associated with inhibition of risky behavior and is the last to develop.  The deeper brain structures respond to hormones with enhanced emotions often winning out over reason; meaning they impulsively act without thinking of the consequences of their actions.  This is where “adult guidance” and supervision need to be present in the lives of our children.

   You can be sure, if I were to pick up my child after school and found him or her duct taped to a wall or pole with hands and feet bound behind their backs, defenseless, dangling off the ground, gagged with duct tape across their mouth….I would not consider that a modern day “game” but the subject of a law suit.  This “Challenge” is “grooming” our youth into accepting victimhood.  This is normalizing child abduction and child abuse of all types right up to pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Child Abuse.  It is not acceptable for a parent or educator to promote “Bondage” in children.  Period.  Let the recent case of the abducted New Britain girl, who was repeatedly raped and held against her will for over a week, be a lesson to you.  And for the Local Villagers that will bastardize me over exposing THIS truth, what are YOU hiding?  Why so defensive?

    Independent thought and common sense are being genetically modified out of our specie by design, and replaced with “Subliminal Mind Control”.  While school personnel are promoting this “Fun” activity, Dr Flaura Winston, scientific director of the Children’s Hospital of the Philadelphia’s Center for Injury Research and Prevention considers it “a dangerous social media trend with possibilities for deadly consequences”. Skylar Fish, 14, decided to take the challenge and cracked his skull open on a concrete floor, shattering his eye socket and cheek bone and caused him to have an aneurysm.  He went into seizures, choking up blood and when the doctors finally resurrected him from near death, he was left with 48 staples in his head, a lengthy stay in Seattle Children's Hospital, and his mother was honored with a mutant hospital bill and a GoFundMePage.  

    Adults are also taking part in the Duct Tape Challenge, making videos of their wives, girlfriends and children being wrapped into bondage with duct tape, putting them up on youtube and social media for the world to see.  Key words here, “for the world to see”.  They even narrate the capture and defilement of their children, mentioning them by name, within the narrative, leaving clues as to where they live.  Fathers are filming the chasing and capture of their children through various rooms of the house, giving the world a layout of every door, window and staircase.  Do you see where I am going with this?

    When you upload a video to youtube and you are treating your family members like cattle, sacrificial lambs to the slaughter, taping them up and gagging them, leaving them defenseless, you never know who is watching.  People are posting “Bondage Pictures” of babies, even the family pet, to Facebook, Instagram and other forums of social media and they are being admired by persons of perversion; kidnappers, pedophiles, child molesters and perverts who get sexually aroused just to see pictures of people in restraints, offering them to the world as “prey”.  John Clark, by the grace of God, rescued his 18-year-old daughter from human traffickers after she was “groomed” for 2 years on Snapchat.  Feeling that the police were not working fast enough, he hired a private investigation firm and his daughter was one of the lucky ones.

    Dottie Laster, an advocate against human trafficking warns about children being groomed, lured and recruited on line based on pictures children post to social media.  Once they are abducted, they are worth $150,000 to $300,000 per year on the sex market, so groomers are going to put in the time to get to know your child, where they live and frequent and that is all that is needed for a child to go missing.  All it takes is the right picture posted to social media.  A young girl bound and gagged with duct tape is good advertising.  The internet has become the “Predator’s Playground”.  

Read the rest of this shocking story, here.

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