Monday, July 03, 2017

Judicial Watch - NewsLink: Study supports Trump: 5.7 million noncitizens may have cast illegal votes




Study supports Trump: 5.7 million noncitizens may have cast illegal votes
Source: The Washington Times

A research group has taken a fresh look at polling data and concluded that as many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election.

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Background Notes from Judicial Watch



Hundreds Vote Illegally in North Carolina after Court Bans Election Integrity Law
Source: Judicial Watch

Less than a year after a federal appellate court sided with the Obama administration to strike down North Carolina’s election integrity reforms, a state audit reveals that hundreds of votes were illegally cast by felons and non-citizens in just one election.

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Judicial Watch Voter Fraud Panel
Source: Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch hosted an educational panel in which experts addressed the voter fraud and election integrity debate.

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Tom Fitton On the Issue of Voter Fraud
Source: Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch did comprehensive investigations into voter registration fraud and whether the voting rolls are clean or not, and in many states upwards of 20% of the rolls are dirty.

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