Monday, July 03, 2017

Connecticut Not Only State to Abuse Prisoners to Death - Sign Petition

“Please take me out! I can’t take it anymore!” Those were the last reported words of Darren Rainey, a 50 year-old schizophrenic inmate serving time at Dade Correctional Institute for a non-violent drug possession charge.

According to the investigative report, Darren had been locked in a small shower stall for almost two hours with 160 degree water — 40 degrees higher than the state limit. Photographs taken after his death revealed that he was burned badly enough that his skin had separated from his body.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Rundle’s office denied any burning and ruled his death an accident due to heart-attack and “confinement”. The lack of burning evidence was also cited by Rundle’s office as the reason they declined to pursue any criminal charges of the four guards involved.

Steven of Stop Prison Abuse Now believes if these conclusions are true, then State Attorney Rundle should welcome an independent investigation that will support her findings. Please sign and share this petition urging an independent pathology investigation for Darren Rainey.

On March 17, Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle released her findings on the case of Darren Rainey, who died at Dade Correctional Institution in 2012 after being placed by prison guards into a shower so hot that, upon his death, skin was separating from his body. She is not charging anyone in his death, which she ruled accidental, saying he was not burned, but simply showing signs of decomposition.

This conclusion has not been supported by independent pathologists consulted by The Miami Herald, which first broke this story. The nature of skin damage can be assessed by microscopic tissue examination, yet the Medical Examiner’s report was based on just a single sample. Ms. Rundle has refused to allow independent testing, and has reneged on her previous agreement to let independent pathologist Dr. John Marracini, one of the two pathologists consulted by the Herald, do an independent review of the evidence.

Please join Stop Prison Abuse Now in calling on Ms. Rundle to allow an investigation by an independent pathologist so that justice can at last be achieved for Darren Rainey. More information is available here.

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