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The Old Farmer's Almanac - Easy jam, hurricane forecast, cats in gardens

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June 05, 2017


'Tis June, and all the lowland swamps
Are rich with tufted reeds and ferns,
And filmy with the vaporous damps
That rise when twilight's crimson burns
–George Arnold (1834–65)
old farmers almanac garden guide


Here is an easy berry jam recipe with just two ingredients—so, you can learn how to make jam in no time! Importantly, this simple jam has that naturally delicious, flavor-packed taste that all jam lovers crave.

Almanac Hummingbird Thermometer

Designed to resemble a vintage advertising thermometer. Made of metal in the USA. Measures 17 inches long and includes both Fahrenheit (120⁰ to -40⁰) and Celsius scales.


Find the Atlantic hurricane forecast for 2017—plus, hurricane facts and information from The Old Farmer’s Almanac!

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner

Features a deep and highly reflective finish that gleams and pulses with each breeze! Made in the USA to last.


Find the June Strawberry Moon phases for 2017—plus, best days by the Moon, full Moon names, and more.

Color-Infused Metal Garden Stake

A seven-step color infusion process produces a gorgeous interplay of greens, yellows, and blues with a bright metallic finish.


Cats can be useful around the garden, keeping unwanted rodents at bay, but they can be destructive as well. How do we keep cats away from the garden with natural deterrents and cat repellents? 

Hummingbird Wooden Night Lights

These highly intricate and detailed night lights were carved with a laser. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Each shade consists of 4 pieces of wood held together with interlocking finger joints. The best part is that the shade hides the bulb, even when viewed from the side. Made in the USA.


June’s birth month flowers are among the most fragrant of all.   

Hummingbird Thermometer Stake

“Fun” and “functional” describe this special garden thermometer. A hand-painted glass hummingbird sits atop a large, easy-to-read, dial thermometer. The temperature gauge displays both Fahrenheit (-20º to 120º) and Celsius (-35º to 55º).

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