Friday, June 23, 2017

The Old Farmer's Almanac - The Big Bug Hunt 2017: Magical Mystery Tour

The Big Bug Hunt
Welcome to the Big Bug Hunt 2017 international research project newsletter!
Insects truly are magical, mysterious creatures. Most are born looking nothing like their final adult form. Instead most bugs, including butterflies, beetles and flies go through several lifecycle stages, or metamorphoses, as they transform from egg to larva to pupa and, finally, adult.

Other insects, such as dragonflies and grasshoppers, produce nymphs. The nymphs resemble adults in appearance but must undergo four molts – where the old skin is literally shed – before they reach maturity.

Learning to recognize the various life stages of garden bugs can be very rewarding. You’d be surprised how different they can be! Use our bug identification guides as a starting point. Of course, when you spot a bug, whatever stage of its lifecycle it’s in, be sure you let us know about it.
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Colorado Potato Beetle Larvae

Download Your Free Guide to Tomato Pests

Everyone loves tomatoes! Stay one step ahead and plan for a trouble-free crop with our guide to tomato pests and how to control them.

Guide to Tomato pests

Call on Nature

Most pests have natural enemies that can be used to bring them under control. Sold as ‘natural’ or ‘biological pest controls’, they come supplied on cards or in bottles to position near affected plants, or as a powder that’s dissolved and watered on.

Pest: Slug
Control: It may be invisible to the eye, but the nematode Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita makes short work of slugs.

Pest: Greenhouse whitefly
Control: The tiny parasitic wasp Encarsia formosa lays its eggs into whiteflies. The young hatch out, killing the whitefly.

Pest: Red spider mite
Control: Bright-orange mite Phytoseiulus persimilis is highly effective. Some controls include the mite as one a mix of predators.

Pest: Aphid
Control: The tiny black wasp Aphidius matricariae attacks more than 40 different species of aphid.

Wasp eggs on tomato hornworm
Hunt for bugs

Ones to Watch

Have you seen any of these bothersome bugs in your garden? Let us know if you have!
Tent Caterpillar

Tent Caterpillar

Seen on: Apple, cherry, pear and many other trees
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Squash Vine Borer

Squash Vine Borer

Seen on: Squashes and some pumpkins
Find out more...
Greenhouse Whitefly

Greenhouse Whitefly

Seen on: Most vegetables and flowers
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Seen on: Corn and other grain crops
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Learn more about these and other pests, plus beneficial bugs here.
Report any bugs you've seen here..>
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