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Stratfor - Turkey Marches Ahead With Its Military Plans in Qatar


June 19, 2017

The Brief



Doha and Ankara are building stronger security ties to counter Saudi Arabia and to try to broaden their influence in the Middle East. angle 




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Venezuela's Ruling Party Faces Rebellion From Within anglePresident Nicolas Maduro's administration is clinging to power as a dissenting faction threatens to hasten its demise. 
Helium: An Inert Gas With A Volatile Market angle 
Only a few countries worldwide extract the gas, leaving the market vulnerable to abrupt changes in the supply chain, often at the hands of politics.

For Djibouti, It's All About Location angle The country's relative stability and strategic position along the Suez Canal trade route make it attractive to foreign powers. 

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Podcast: A Generational Challenge to Russian Influence

In this episode, we take a look at the generational forces driving recent protests across Russia. To put those protest movements in context, we’ll look at the cultural, technological and especially demographic forces at play with Stratfor Senior Eurasia Analyst Eugene Chausovsky. angle
South Africa's Geographic Challenge
South Africa's geographic challenge is to protect the extraction of natural resources in its interior while striving to maintain sufficient employment. angle

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Stratfor Store Reports

The Geopolitics of France
This monograph explains how while France is nearly always engaged in Europe, it is only rarely ascendant. angle
Mapping Out the Trump Era  In this report, Stratfor cuts through the noise to show that geopolitics trumps politics. angle

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