Saturday, June 10, 2017

Senators Markley and Fazano - A New Direction for Connecticut

(See video, below)

It’s clear that we need to change the direction our state is headed.

Connecticut is a great state. But we are facing a serious financial crisis. Businesses and people are leaving and all families, especially the middle class and working poor, are struggling.

That’s why I’ve worked with Senate Republicans to put together a bold plan to change the direction of our state and restore confidence in Connecticut. This is about a new vision to create a confident Connecticut today and for future generations. This is about survival.

 Our revised no-new-tax state budget makes the tough choices necessary to cut spendingreduce the size of government, and make necessary changes to state employee benefits – all while protecting core services.

Learn more about what’s in our budget proposal and state employee labor savings plan on our ebsite

You can support these efforts by urging all lawmakers and statewide leaders to help us pave a new path with bold changes. The time for change is now!
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State Senator Joe Markley

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