Saturday, June 17, 2017

Peter Lumaj Statement on Shooting in Virginia

Peter Lumaj with Heather Somers (?) Photo be editor, '14 CCDL Rally
"My heart goes out to Rep. Steve Scalise, others injured and their families, this is an absolute tragedy. This was an act of a mad man plain and simple. We must resist the calls from those like from Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia for stricter gun control that will be forced upon us by the left nationally and at the state level in the coming days. The heinous actions of one depraved individual do not represent the millions of moral law abiding American citizens who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights. It is important to note and to remember that it was the heroic actions of the Capitol Police exercising their Second Amendment rights appropriately that stopped this horrific act in its tracks and put an end to further bloodshed.”

  -Peter Lumaj


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