Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Me Thinks Thou Doth Protest Too Much

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By Donna Ziccardi

    There are so many “Protests” today led by High-Ranking Politicians, entertainers, students and teachers…whipped into a fictitious frenzy by a Mainstream Media, taking direction from Globalists.  Chuckie Schumer takes to the streets of NYC instructing people to kill Trump, impeach Trump.  Creepy John McCain is touring Europe telling people Trump is Hitler and White People are the problem.  Members of Congress claim Trump is mentally ill and should be impeached.  While Hank Johnson thinks Guam is going to tip over…  Maxine Waters thinks Putin invaded North Korea and Pelosi thinks Bush is still president… ...Sheila Jackson says Murder is the leading cause of Homicide and thinks the constitution is 400 years old…  John McCain doesn’t realize he is talking to imposters about sanctions…  I can go on but who sounds mentally inadequate for office here?

    I wonder why people in government want Trump out, even the Republicans.  What are they hiding?  “There is something rotten in Denmark.”…..besides the Muslims raping the women. 

    Last month, I said Obama will be back to head the DEEP Government.  Well he is back.  His “mission” is to take out Trump by any means.  This is equivalent to a coup d’├ętat, overthrow of the American Government.  I realize there are a lot of MSM brainwashed retards out there that like this idea but I really object to it. 

    Using his talents as an “organizer and agitator”, taken straight from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, Obama is planning what is now being called the “Bloody Spring”, amassing over 85,000 hard core trained and armed revolutionaries to create chaos and civil war throughout this country for the sole purpose of overthrowing the government.  The DEEP State was inserted into our govt on 9-11-2001.  MSM just never “told you”.  Obama was the Trojan Horse to set all his men in place for the Purple Revolution, the Globalist’s Luciferian Agenda. The Communist Marxist Plot. 

    Speaking of “PROTESTING too much”, Sen. Blumenthal is protesting everything Trump does, investigating his every move.  I received an email from Blumenthal to join his Face Book discussion regarding Flynn’s conversation with “the RUSSIANS”.  I told the forum that the conversation between Flynn and “the Russians” was not about sanctions but about the International Child Pedophile and Trafficking Ring and its connection to the Clinton Foundation and Dyncorp. 

    The next day I was banned from Blumenthal’s FB page and my comment was “bleached” from the internet.  What’d I say???  Is he denying me my freedom of Speech?  Does he represent me ONLY if I agree with him?  What is he hiding?  So I started to “poke” around and guess who is on the “Naughty List”?.... 

    A HUGE Secret is about to be revealed.  The World Wide Satanic practice of Pedophilia.  This “sacrifice to Satan” is saturated into every fabric of our society; politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, judges, Bankers, doctors, teachers, police, news casters, even in our religious institutions…..always kept hidden because everyone was blackmailed into silence.  Until now.  Be very careful where you let your children and grandchildren go.  They are influenced by the transference of energy through “entrainment”. 

  Trump was NOT supposed to win!  He is not a Globalist (Satanist).  Why do you think Sessions had such a hard time getting confirmed?  He is not a Globalist (Satanist) either.  We are currently fighting the Battle Between GOOD and Evil.  Globalism is really Satanism.  This link explains EVERYthing!... 

    Our politicians not only want Trump out of office because he wants to stop the Luciferian Globalist Agenda, they also want Trump out of office because Trump and Sessions are going to expose their Dirty Little Secret of Child Trafficking.  PLEASE click on this link and hear a small sample of what these innocent children have to endure before they are (sacrificed) murdered….. 

    Messages from the Grave.  Benghazi/Clinton Foundation/Child Trafficking.  Did you ever hear that expression “getting away with murder”?.....”at this point what difference does it make”?  Hillary set up Ambassador Stevens to be murdered.  Stevens was not only going to tell the TRUTH about illegal gun running and the Clinton Foundation but he was going to spill the “Beans” about Hillary’s Child Trafficking.  Women and students idolize her?!  You know what you can do with your Pink Pussy Hat.  This video proves everything. 

    The CIA is the “Child Runner” for the Clinton Foundation and all the politicians before her. Where do they get the children?  “The Finders”…The CIA Operation of child abduction for the purposes of child trafficking and satanic sacrificial rituals has been going on for decades… 

    All 50 CPS agencies are unified under HHS. Obamacare has provisions which micromanage child welfare and children can be seized for literally no reason whatsoever.  Senator Nancy Schaffer was going to expose CPS connection to child trafficking.  But she was murdered!  Is this why I was banned from Blumenthal’s FB page?  Is this why politicians want Trump dead?  Do you even care? 

    The Clinton Foundation/Haiti Child Trafficking Scandal/A Trail of Death.  What does Andrew Breibert, Eric Braverman and Monica Petersen have in common?  All 3 were investigating the Clinton Foundation Child Sex Trafficking Ring…2 dead, 1 missing.

    The Obama Connection. Obama can be found in Hillary’s emails, provided to the world by WikiLeaks.  There is mention of him having children at the White House for a “Sleep Over”.   He really misses his “hotdogs” in Hawaii, and there is a wonderful email of him laughing about the $64,000 worth of “pizza” and “hot dogs” he flew in from Chicago for his White House Party, attended by Huma Abedin, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Ben Affleck, and John Podesta….at tax payers expense.  In the Pedophilia Community, “pizza” is code for little girl and “hot dog” is code for little boy.  

Read the rest, here.

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