Thursday, May 18, 2017

Numbers USA - Environmental Impact of Immigration

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Be among the first to comment on Roy Beck's op-ed, "On Earth Day, Don't Forget How Federal Immigration Policies Undermine Eco-Friendly Goals" for the Independent Journal Review.

"Pew Research Center projects that the United States is on pace to add another 117 million people by 2060, and 88% of it would be the result of federal immigration policies."
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Due to immigration policy alone, more than 100 million Americans will be added to the population over the next 50 years:
  • Raleigh and Atlanta will run into each other by 2060
  • Cropland will be reduced from 1.9 acres per American in 1982 to 0.7 acres per American in 2050;
  • Immigrants have as much at stake in this as Americans who have been here for generations: The majority of immigrants live in suburbs and at the edges of cities where most sprawl occurs.

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P.S. Roy is quoted more here about how immigration cannot be ignored as part of the conversation on sprawl and the loss of open space in America.

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