Thursday, May 25, 2017

GOP Plan Protects Taxpayers

Sen. Len Suzio (left) co-chairs a meeting of 
the Children’s Committee at the Legislative 
Office Building in Hartford.
Suzio: Senate GOP Plan Protects Property Taxpayers, Increases Funding for Towns

Sen. Len Suzio and Senate Republican lawmakers on May 16 released a revised line-by-line state budget proposal which:

  1. closes the deficit without tax increases
  2. closes the deficit without tolls
  3. continues to protect state funding for towns
  4. increases funding for education to towns and cities
  5. preserves funding for services to seniors, the disabled and Connecticut’s most vulnerable residents
  6. lowers taxes for retirees
  7. protects hospitals from being hit with more taxes
  8. protects taxpayers from being overburdened by policies which would result in significant increases to property taxes
  9. has no increase in the pistol permit fee
  10. provides for structural budget reforms, like a state government spending cap and a state government bonding cap.
 “The Senate Republican budget makes the following clear: We will not support the governor’s radical, irresponsible proposal to place the state’s financial burdens on towns, schools and property
taxpayers.  That simply is not going to happen.  Our Senate Republican plan is a thoughtful, detailed 67-page document which accounts for every precious taxpayer dollar while not raising taxes. Senate Republicans understand that taxpayers are tapped out.  We are fighting for them at the State Capitol, and we are offering a sustainable roadmap out of this fiscal catastrophe.  We can turn Connecticut around, we can bring back economic growth and stability, and I am proud to stand by this Senate Republican plan.  I urge taxpayers to contact me with any questions they have.”

Suzio, who serves on the legislature’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding, represents Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield, Middletown and Rockfall.  He can be reached at or call 800-842-1421

A summary of the updated “Confident Connecticut” budget is available at .  Line-by-line budget details are available at

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