Friday, April 28, 2017

We Should do no Lesser Than Matt

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I am happy to hear that Matt Lesser is moving up in the world of politics. He has proven himself to be a champion of election reforms that even a playing field currently tilted in favor of large contributions. His work in the House includes successes, and works in progress that I am concerned could suffer from his absence.

Efforts to sunset the failed approach of the Drug War, sold to us under the guise of a health issue that it never improved, and was likely not designed to achieve, are still an unfinished campaign. Undefining people as criminals for acts that merit treatment as patients are streamers to be added to our colors in the battle for human dignity and equal treatment under the law, an indivisible pair of tenets that are, together, a cornerstone of the health and wellness of our society, as a whole.

A standard is the extension of the standard bearer, and Matt has been that for as long he has served in the State House. He has earned our support in his pursuit of higher office, and deserves relief of his role leading the fight for causes that, while unfulfilled, are the undertakings of a benevolent leader. We are obliged to assure that the baton of Matt Lesser is passed, and carried across the finish line, put in site by the strides he has taken so far.

A guest submission from:
John Kilian, RN

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