Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Malloy - Limitless Incompetence Puts CT at the Bottom

Malloy's Connecticut Earns Another Bottom Ranking for Doctors

In Dan Malloy’s Connecticut, none of the state’s population have been spared from the consequences of the failed governor’s disastrous policies. The latest group to feel the increasing burden of Malloy’s negligence are Connecticut’s healthcare professionals.

In their new rankings of the best and worst states in the country for doctors, Connecticut is ranked 45th overall and second to last for opportunity and competition. Already ranked 43rd  for business by CNBC and 45th for economic freedom by the CATO Institute, Malloy’s Connecticut has yet another bottom ranking to add to its growing list.

In his limitless incompetence, Dan Malloy is sparing none of his state’s citizens from the catastrophic policies he continues to impose. As Connecticut continues to fall further behind the rest of the country in almost every area, it becomes clearer that new leadership is direly needed.

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