Friday, April 21, 2017

Connecticut is Number One!

Malloy's Legacy: Increased Taxes

Just after announcing he won’t run for a third term, failed governor Dan Malloy finally got some good news, Connecticut now has a number one ranking. The bad news: it’s for highest per capita income tax in the United States. After almost two terms of hiking taxes and killing job growth, Dan Malloy has made Connecticut’s population the most taxed per person in the entire country according to the Tax Foundation:

“1. Connecticut

Connecticut tops the Tax Foundation's list of state individual income tax collections per capita at $2,279.

Taxpayers pay 3 percent on their first $10,000; 5 percent on income over $10,000; 5.5 percent on income over $50,000; 6 percent on income over $100,000; 6.5 percent on income over $200,000; 6.9 percent on income over $250,000; and 6.99 percent on income over $500,000.

According to the Tax Foundation, both Connecticut and New York require ‘many high-income taxpayers pay their top tax rate on all income, not just amounts above the bracket threshold.’"

After almost eight years of supporting Dan Malloy’s pro-tax, anti-jobs agenda, potential Democrat candidates trying to succeed him will have to answer for enabling the economic catastrophe Malloy’s policies have caused. But while they may try to distance themselves from the failed governor on the campaign trail, Connecticut voters have seen firsthand how damaging his policies have been and they will hold Democrats accountable in 2018.

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