Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Real Immigration Debate: Who to Let In and Why

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Jeremy Beck, NumbersUSA

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Be among the first to comment on "The Real Immigration Debate: Who to Let In and Why" by Mark Krikorian in the Wall Street Journal. Krikorian tackles the "jobs Americans won't do" myth, but most importantly, he says all sides must grapple with these basic questions:
"What family relationships should give rise to special immigration rights? How should skills be determined? And given the misery that prevails in so much of the world, what should the limiting principle be for admitting refugees?"
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Krikorian recommends an immigration policy that prioritizes spouses and minor children but eliminates the preference categories for adult extended family. Sen. Tom Cotton's RAISE Act would do just that. Among the chief beneficiaries: American workers.
Krikorian acknowledges that reasonable people might disagree that protecting competing American workers should be the priority in immigration policy, but he argues that all sides must be clear about their position:
"Are the costs to less-favored native-born workers worth the benefits reaped by those who enjoy the fruits of immigrant labor? Different answers are possible, but the question can't be dodged."

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