Tuesday, March 28, 2017

MAGA - "Make America Great Again" March, Photo Collage

Tillett for Connecticut
Theresa Tillett
"People came to Wethersfield CT to Peacefully March & Fly their Flags to show their support for President Trump, Law Enforcement, Veterans & First Responders along with Celebrating their Constitutional Right to Free Speech & gathering Peacefully - photo credit to Bill Brown from Spirit of America CT."

Bill Brown writes about the march:

"Just one guy was annoying everyone during the whole March with a sign mocking us saying "let the terrorists in" but later he dragged his flag on the ground and stomped it with his foot and a Vietnam vet went over and shoved him.

Then the police asked him finally to stand aside even though I had asked the police twice before to ask him to separate from the group. There was also a Muslim there but he was not intimidating, just promoting Islam with his T-shirt. We spoke to him briefly afterwards. He said he was from communist NYC so we assumed he was a conservative but seemed to be there to advertise Islam.  Someone said he had a pistol on his side in open-carry, which scared away one lady with a couple teens there.  Others may have observed more.

One young guy dragged his flag cape but seemed just immature.  Overall the March turned out well with Manny Santos and Peter Wolfgang speaking.  Sandy, Sophie and I pitched in a few words too.

Several of us prayed a lot about this and felt God was covering the affair.  We all have to recognize that hostilities are rising and any public event has to have preparation to handle opposition.  If the media had turned out, they would have made the detractor the star of the event like they did the atheists and homosexuals protesting at the Franklin Graham prayer meeting at the CT Capitol.

Manny Santos has some short video of the detractor on his Facebook page.

Thanks Sandy for having the courage to set up the March and Jen for alerting us to the indivisible agenda!"

This collection of photos was put into a couple of short videos by Theresa Tillett.  (Tillett for Connecticut)

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