Thursday, March 09, 2017

Birmingham Group's Demand for Gun 'Laws' Shows They Really Have No Clue - About Anything

by David Codrea

So why do these "common sense gun safety law" advocates have an unholstered 
handgun at a public demonstration?

"Birmingham organization proposes changes to gun laws, named for Gate City shooting victim," reports. "Frank Matthews, President of the Outcast Voters League, spoke about the proposed Sheri Williams Mandatory Gun Changes Act, named for a woman who was killed in Gate City by a stray bullet in 2013. Williams was holding her 10-day-old baby as she was shot."

That's SOP for these types. Pick a high-visibility incident that pulls at the heartstrings. The object is
to get people feeling, not thinking. And naturally, none of the gun laws being proposed would have made a bit of difference in this case.
Just as naturally, the obligatory opportunistic oath-breaking politician made sure to get his mug in front of the press conference cameras. State Rep. John Rogers used the coverage to make noises about "fashion[ing] a bill that's passable." Considering what they want, that's not likely (at least until the vote in Alabama becomes overwhelmingly "progressive," something the "immigration" and "amnesty" crowd is working on).
Outcast leader Matthews could not resist showing off his big "but."
"We're not against gun rights... [but] demand accountability and responsibility of gun owners," Matthews said. Here's what he means by that:

  • Mandatory gun registration- owner has registration card that lists all weapons
  • No transfers unless done through a registration office
  • New purchases must be picked up at registration office
  • Mandatory gun safes; only registered owner will have combination
  • Mandatory gun safety classes
  • Open carry and concealed carry policies abolished
  • Waiting period for gun purchase extended to three months to allow all paperwork to pass
  • People under 21 prohibited from owning guns
  • Extensive mental evaluation
  • Mandatory liability insurance for firearms
  • Required reporting of stolen firearms within four hours of discovery
  • Ammo purchases made only for the caliber gun specified on registration
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