Saturday, February 04, 2017

Matt M. Hammers Mayor on Illegal Immigration Policy

 Editorial by Middletown resident and future mayor, 
Matt M.

Mayor Drew, I'm sure we disagree on many topics, but your declaration that Middletown would not cooperate with federal law enforcement with regards to enforcement of immigration policy is truly disturbing. As someone who pays OVER $10000 A YEAR in taxes to this city as a simple homeowner, I am truly offended that you would make such an arrogant statement. You are essentially inviting illegal immigrants to come to Middletown - who overwhelmingly are a net burden on our schools, emergency services, public assistance programs, etc. In other words, the hardworking taxpayers of Middletown will inevitably have to pay more to make up for these expenses. Nationally, we spend $52 billion a year on education alone for the children of illegal aliens - a cost which we cannot afford. 

News report from WFSB
You claim that you are simply pointing out that our city police do not enforce federal immigration laws. While that may be true, what are you also acknowledging is that Middletown purposely does not verify the immigration status of people who our police come in contact with, and even if someone is known to be here illegally they are not referred to federal immigration enforcement. As you are well aware, cooperation between all levels of our law enforcement is absolutely critical to successful enforcement of many of our laws. I
am certain you would not feel the same way if a mayor from another party were to so flagrantly disregard federal laws requiring background checks for gun owners, even if no such state law existed. I am sure if the city tried to outlaw abortion clinics in violation of the Supreme Court precedent set in Roe v. Wade, you'd have a lot to say about the Supremacy of federal law over state and local municipalities. I find it pretty disingenuous that you and your party suddenly pretend to care about federalism, only when it suits you. 

Further, regardless of your personal opinion or political disagreements with the President, your statement - "I’m not going to violate somebody’s constitutional right and put the people of Middletown in jeopardy to follow an illegal order by an illegitimate president.” - is truly divisive and disgusting in many respects. As a community leader, you should be working to foster cooperation on both sides of the aisle to achieve the best result for our city, state, and the country. Unless you're contending the electoral college is no longer how we choose the POTUS under current law, then your claim that Trump is "illegitimate" is nothing but outrageous left wing political rhetoric that will further divide this country. And since when is it a violation of someone's "Constitutional rights" to enforce immigration laws against a person who broke them?

Please do not volunteer the city that we love as a "sanctuary" for lawbreakers. As you criticize President Trump for what you characterize as his "wildly inappropriate overreach of power" perhaps you should recognize your own overreach in unilaterally declaring that Middletown is some kind of oasis where federal immigration laws do not apply. 

Perhaps you should consider the fate of 8-year-old Lorenzo Cruz and 5-year-old Tatiana Cruz who were killed in Meriden by a drunk driver and illegal alien who should never have been in this country. It's people with your blatant disregard for our immigration laws that enable tragedies like this one, whether you want to admit it or not."

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