Friday, February 17, 2017

Let’s Update and Improve a 27-Year-Old CT Housing Law

I’m looking forward to serving as Co-Chair for Thursday’s public hearing at the Legislative Office Building on the controversial 1990 affordable housing state law known as “8-30g”.

It’s an opportunity to:
  1. Receive input from local zoning officials, community leaders and residents from impacted neighborhoods.
  2. Boost affordable and workforce housing stock for CT seniors, working families, and disabled residents.
  3. Develop innovative housing policies for urban, suburban and rural communities which make CT a role model for the nation.
What can YOU do?
  1. Email your comments today to (The comment may be as brief as you like. Include your name and town.)
  2. Put “Improve 8-30g” in the email’s subject line.
  3. Copy me on the email at
Thank you!

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