Monday, February 06, 2017

CT voter Fraud

Rep. Serre, left, challenger Szynkowicz, right - Image from

Democrat Voter Fraud in Middletown


A longtime Connecticut state representative may be getting some votes from his children.
Most times, that wouldn’t be an issue, but in this case, it may be against the law.
The state is investigating claims that all four children, who use their father’s Middletown address, don’t live in Middletown and haven’t for years.

State Rep. Joseph Serra has been serving District 33 since 1992, but recently his campaign has come under scrutiny, asking why his four children are still using their parents’ Randolph Road address to vote absentee when they haven’t been living in Connecticut for years.

“I just want a fair election. Joe Serra is not going to let that happen,” said Republican Linda Szynkowicz, who is Serra’s challenger.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, residency for voting purposes is established by where you live and, if you’re away, if you intend to return.

In Serra’s case, two of his children live in New York, one in Massachusetts. Another is in Santa Monica, California.

Records show three of the children last voted absentee, in 2014.

Get the whole story from WFSB,  here.

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