Saturday, February 04, 2017

Chris Murphy for Europe! (LMAO!)

Ticket to Europe for Sen. Murphy

Connecticut's Senator Murphy is very fond of Europe and wants to transform America in the image of a "Euorpean Model".  I believe this is too time consuming and wasteful, not to mention grossly unfair to those living in the United States of America who enjoy the model created by our Founding Fathers.

There is no place for these citizens to go.  However, there is somewhere for Senator Murphy to go where he can enjoy the lifestyle and system of government he refers to as the "European Model", and it's Europe!

To help Senator Murphy realize his dreams more quickly, I am raising funds to purchase him a one-way ticket to Paris, France.
 Once the ticket is purchased, it will be mailed to Senator Murphy.  If there is money left over, a car service to Bradley International or JFK or Logan airports will be purchased, too.

Donate what you can and help us help Murphy realize his dream.
Help spread the word!
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Rob Corona
2 days ago

$15 of $2,000 goal

Raised by 2 people in 2 days
Created January 31, 2017
Mary Ann Turner
1 day ago
Senator Murphy, the picture you tweeted of the baby in the surf, shameful. Please leave for Europe ASAP. I'll help you pack.
Rob Kwasnicki
2 days ago

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