Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Roulette Fun Shoot!

Middletown Rifle and Revolver Club
1 Mill St. Middletown, CT

To volunteer, sign up for the shoot or to get more information, email Ray at the address at the bottom.
Volunteers needed for:  Roulette fun shoot from 6:45 pm until? Date: 11/29/2016  (last Tuesday of the month)                
Two people needed to do sign-in, collect the donation and add the scores.                             
1)___  Joseph M. _________________                  
2)____ Bill H. ________________________                    

One person needed to be the Range Officer
(NRA instructor, would be nice but not mandatory)
1)___ Darlene L. _________________________
Two people needed to do set-up

1)___Ray Beaulieu___________


One person needed to start the fire if needed


One person needed to operate scoreboard if needed
1)____ Not Needed this shoot________

Your Friend
Ray Beaulieu
C# 860-798-7248

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