Monday, October 03, 2016

Carter: Disturbing reports coming out of the VA
Blumenthal Fiddles While VA Burns

BETHEL, CT - Today the campaign for Dan Carter, Republican candidate for  U.S. Senate, demanded accountability and action for reports coming out of the Department of Veterans Affairs that at least one third of calls made by veterans to the VA suicide prevention hotline go unanswered.

"This is disgusting," said Carter. "On average we know that nearly twenty-two veterans commit suicide each day and yet again the VA is letting them down." 

"It's literally going to take an act of congress to put an end to these abuses by bureaucrats who care more about leaving early from work," said Carter. "Our veterans are dying and the VA is hanging up a sign that says "gone for the day." 

"I'm also disgusted by Senator Blumenthal's silence on this report, though I'm not at all surprised," said Carter. "While he claims to support veterans, just a year ago he voted to block the Veterans Affairs Accountability Act."

"Now that it's an election year, Senator Blumenthal has featured the widow of a veteran who committed suicide in his ad, but since this news broke about the failure of VA bureaucrats to answer the call of our suicidal vets, not a tweet, no letter of outrage," said Carter. "The Senator has even said if the Democrats take control of the Senate he wants to chair the Veterans Affairs Committee, would he be silent then too? Is this the kind of leadership our vets deserve?" 

"This is just too much," said Carter. "These men and women have given our country everything they can and they're dying on the VA's watch. It has to end."

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