Friday, October 07, 2016

AMAC = It's Time 'To Fix the Fiscal Fiasco"

Press Release
It's Time 'To Fix the Fiscal Fiasco That Has Been Foist on Us,' says AMAC
By - John Grimaldi
We need to keep truly representative lawmakers in place this November
Itâ?Ts been a dismal recovery, at best, since the so-called end of the Great Recession in 2009. All these years later, the American people continue to feel the impact of what has been arguably the greatest economic ...
National Security
More Than 1,800 People Who Were Supposed to Be Deported as National Security Threats Were Given Citizenship Instead ... By Accident
from - - by Marc A. Thiessen
Yesterday was not a good day for building confidence in the ability of the US government to screen for terrorists. First, we found out that the father ...
Government Watch
IRS To Target Citizens Who Aren't Buying ObamaCare Insurance
from - Galen Institute - by Grace-Marie Turner
As many as 20 million Americans soon will be getting a letter from the Internal Revenue Service "suggesting" they sign up for ObamaCare insurance. Getting a letter from the IRS can be a threatening and ...
Travel USA
Travel Missouri: 11 Locations You Have to See
By - Caleigh Brimm
Another road trip, "been there, done that." That's partly due to the fact that some of the more obvious choices like the Pacific Coast Highway and Route 66 have become so popular that they are practically clichés...
Our Veterans
Helping Veteran's Health: Send in the Nurse Practitioners
from - Real Clear Health - by CMSgt. Robert L. Frank, USAF
Honoring the service and sacrifice of our military is a commitment that continues long after America's heroes are discharged from active duty. Sadly, our country has not ...
Conservatives Aim to Block Obama's Plan for More Refugees
from - The Daily Signal - by Josh Siegal
As President Barack Obama used his final address before the United Nations General Assembly to urge world leaders to help protect refugees...
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