Thursday, September 08, 2016

Kudos to Middletown Police Officers

This "thank you" was submitted from an individual who asked that his name be withheld.  The accident occurred in early August. Editor

Well I have to say kudos to the Middletown Police department.

Last Friday I was on my way to Wallingford and on Randolph road in Middletown when a guy decided to take a left hand turn roughly about 5 feet in front of me - (said he didn't see me because the sun was in his eyes).

Needless to say, I T-boned him and then slammed into a telephone pole - (bruised my knee and a bit of soreness that is about gone now, nothing broken).

This happened right across from a fire dept so I am talking with them when the police arrive and of course they need my paperwork still in the truck and with them at my back, I hear one of the firefighters tell the cop "he has a gun shouldn't you take it"?

The Officer told him not unless he is going to the hospital.  I did end up going and they asked me for it.  I handed them my spare magazine first, then ejected the magazine in the gun and handed it to them and then ejected the round in the chamber locking back the gun and handing it the police that way so they could see it was empty.

After getting checked out of the hospital, I went and got my weapon back with no problems except they had unloaded my two magazines and boy they had fun with the zip ties, there were 4 of them all around the gun zip tying it to the box, and the 17 rounds were in a vacuum sealed bag!

The evidence guy was nice enough to cut them loose for me so I could reload the magazines and re-holster it and not walk around with a gun in a  zip tied box.

So kudo's to the Middletown police dept for being professionals and respecting our rights.

Note:  A few days after the accident, our victim wrote, "Feeling really sore now shoulders, neck, and knee and I don't want tomorrow to come I have a feeling I am really going to be sore then."

The Insider is thankful that he wasn't hurt worse, and also extend our thanks to the unknown officers for their professionalism and respecting the right of individuals to keep and bear arms!

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